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July 29, 2021

Some 500 taxi drivers rally outside the Parliament

Around 500 taxi drivers protested yesterday in front of the Parliament. They are warning the authorities they will protest again on April 17th and 18th, this time at a national level. The cab drivers are asking the approval on a package of amendments for the taxi service law. After protesting three hours and a half and blocking a boulevard, the manifestation ended without any other damages. The taxi drivers were asking for mayor Oprescu to come and talk to them and they were also shouting “Let’s block the city!”, “You are thieves!” or “The pelicans must leave the Capital”. When shouting “the pelicans must leave the Capital” the cab drivers were referring to the taxi company “Pelicanul” (the pelican). According to Mediafax, the president of the Romanian Confederation of Operators and Transporters, Vasile Stefanescu, stated the protest should have continued today but it will not take place due to the fact that there’s no plenary session today. He also said the taxi drivers could protest again on April 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th being legally entitled to do so by an authorization from the City Hall.Apart from the amendments for the taxi service law, the cab drivers are also asking for the ones without local transportation license to leave Bucharest. They came in front of the institution with their cars and parked their vehicles around the Parliament and nearby areas, the traffic being jammed all morning because of them. They had yellow and black banners with “Say NO to the piracy by voting the Taxi Service Law”, “The birds from the countryside to fly away from the Capital”, “Protect the client from the whole Parliament” and “Regulated fare, protected client”.

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