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January 27, 2022

DNA charges Minister Borbely with traffic peddling and misrepresentation

DNA suggested the general prosecutor to ask the Chamber of Deputies to start a criminal investigation against the minister of Environment Laszlo Borbely.  Borbely is charged with traffic peddling and misrepresentation.  If the demand will be approved, president Traian Basescu could ask for the minister’s dismissal. “The National Anticorruption Direction asked the General Prosecutor to start a criminal investigation against Laszlo Borbely, MP and Minister of Environment for two criminal infringements: traffic peddling and misrepresentation, performed in continued manner,” reads a press release of DNA, quoted by Mediafax. The general prosecutor sent yesterday the notification in Borbely case to the Minister of Justice, Catalin Predoiu. PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu called Borbely to the Victoria Palace Wednesday evening to discuss the accusations brought to him by the DNA, the government spokesman Dan Suciu said.Laszlo Borbely stated yesterday, while at Zalau, that the DNA prosecutors didn’t announce him so far regarding any accusation. The Minister of Environment also said he will express his point of view after he will find out “what is all about”.  “I don’t know what is all about. First, I have to see what they are talking about or someone to explain it all to me, not through the media, but officially. If I will find out the information I need to know in this case, be sure I will bring details, but I don’t want to join the speculations now. Justice must do its job,” Borbely said. The minister reminded the fact that, in July 2011, there was another DNA “attempt” to investigate him but the institution stepped back and announced afterwards the fact that there was no investigation regarding him. The Minister of Environment owns, according to his latest declaration of interest and fortune made in February 15th, a 450 square meters intown land and a 140 square meters house in Targu Mures, bought in 2000 and shared with his wife. In 2012, Borbely inherited, together with Erno Borbely, a 50.13 square meter apartment placed in Targu Mures as well. Laszlo Borbely also owns a Lexus GS300, jewelry amounting to EUR 15,000 and bank accounts amounting to EUR 51,000 and RON 86,000. Nevertheless, Borbely owns, in investment funds, over RON 50,000.In 2011, Borbely earned wages money amounting to RON 55,872 as Minister of Environment and RON 38,801 from the position he holds within UDMR. His wife, Melinda Borbely, earned last year RON 116.925 as employee of the Romanian Broadcasting Society (SRR).

Blaga: PDL won’t obstruct the justice in Borbely case

The president of the Senate, Vasile Blaga, stated yesterday that PDL won’t obstruct the justice and will vote for lifting the immunity in regards of the minister of Environment Laszlo Borbely.  “PDL will proceed as always, we have never obstructed the justice. Of course, as always, even when talking about our colleagues, you probably noticed that, operatively speaking, the parliamentarian group which should have voted regarding the immunity lifting did it very quickly,” said Blaga.Asked if this case will affect the relations within the coalition between PDL and UDMR, Blaga answered it is not the case. “I don’t believe so, after all it is a start of a criminal investigation. Borbely will have to prove his innocence,” said Blaga. He added he doesn’t believe this case will be discussed during the next meeting of the coalition because it constitutes a subject between the minister of Environment and the justice.At the same time, Blaga stated that the issue of an eventual dismissal in case of Borbely depends only on his decisions and the ones of PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu.

What is UDMR saying

UDMR leaders said they are sure the minister of Environment is innocent. They stated that Borbely is the victim of a political file, and Romania confronts itself these days with a politicians’ hunt. The Mures Country branch expressed concern with the campaign to discredit the union’s vice-president and considers Berbely is too experienced to make mistakes in his wealth statement.PDL MPs and also the ones of national minorities already said they will vote for the DNA demand in Borbely case. UDMR senator Gyorgy Frunda pledged the action of DNA is part of a political attack against the minister of Environment. “I think it’s a political war and has nothing to do with fighting against corruption,” stated the politician. PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu avoided making any comments. The DNA request hasn’t arrived at the Chamber of Deputies yet. According to DNA prosecutors, the chief of a private company bribed one of Borbely’s advisors in order to get, from the minister of Environment, contracts with Apele Romane and priority payment for some work that has been already done. The price of the bribe was the restoration of an apartment amounting to Euro 20.000. The company received, during the last 5 years, 37 public works out of which 34 came from “Apele Romane”.Recently, there has been another similar investigation this time against Deputy Mihail Boldea, ex-member of PDL and UNPR. In his case, the prosecutors asked the Ministry of Justice to lift his immunity, being charged of being part of an organized criminal group specialized in actions of fraud.

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