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October 27, 2020

Korodi Atilla, the new Environment minister

Chamber of Deputies Legal Committee gives the go ahead to start criminal investigation against ex-Minister Borbely’s.

UDMR nominated yesterday, within the Standing Council meeting, the new environment minister, after Laszlo Borbely resigned last week. The announcement was made by UDMR President Kelemen Hunor after the Union Permanent Council meeting. Kelemen said he would forward the proposal to PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and that Attila Korodi should be installed in office no later than today.‘This nomination by the Standing Council and President Kelemen is an honour to me. I am not looking at it as an opportunity, but rather as a responsibility’, Attila Korodi said. Korodi Atilla accepted the position of Environment Minister with the condition to have free hand regarding the Rosia Montana gold mine approvals. During his term of just a few months, Attila is expected to make some very important decisions on quite sensitive matters such as the Rosia Montana mining project which is now approaching the end of its evaluation procedure.  Korodi Attila is 35 years old. After the November 2004 parliamentary election, Korodi was named by UDMR as Secretary of State at the Ministry of Environment and Water Management, where he coordinated the Department of European Integration. In April 2007, Attila Korodi was became Environment Minister and kept the office for a year. Laszlo Borbely resigned as Environment Minister last Thursday, saying he had made his decision in spite of having no reason to do so and noting that he had informed both the prime-minister and the president, with whom he had met, about his decision.Prime-Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu took over as interim Environment Minister after Borbely’s resignation, praised his predecessor and said he wanted the shortest possible interim term. On the other hand, yesterday afternoon, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies was set to address the justice minister’s request for the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of UDMR MP Laszlo Borbely, ex-Environment Minister. The Legal Affairs Committee gave last evening the go ahead for the start of criminal investigation against the ex-minister Borbely.  The Chamber of Deputies could make a decision on the request for the prosecution of the MP in its plenary sitting on April 24, because the lower chamber MPs will be working in committees this week and the meeting next week will take place without a final voting. The Legal Committee will forward its report to the Chamber of Deputies for debating and adoption.  Last week, the Secretary of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, Niculae Mircovici, said the Borbely case would be debated on in plenary sitting on April 17 when the first meeting was scheduled.

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