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December 1, 2022

Macovei would follow Ungureanu in a new political movement

The MEP says PDL could have found a better candidate than Silviu Prigoana to run for Bucharest Mayor, announces she will support the campaign of  Theodor Paleologu for District 1 Mayor.

PDL vice-president Monica Macovei stated at B1 TV channel that she would follow PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu in a new political movement, mentioning that Cristian Preda and other PDL members would probably do the same. “It is the decision of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu. I was very happy when I heard him talking about a new political movement, such a movement is necessary in Romania. Myself, I had similar thoughts. (…) PDL has not come clean, the same way the parties that are now in Opposition haven’t done it either. But a part of PDL can form the basis of a new political group. In our country there are local organizations and wonderful people, good professionals, clean, honest people who didn’t have the chance to be part of the leadership. If he aims to build his new party with these people it is feasible, but not with all the people in PDL, only with a part of them. Maybe he is thinking at a totally new group,” said Macovei. Asked if there is a group within PDL that wants to follow Ungureanu, Macovei answered: “I haven’t discussed with my colleagues, but I believe it is. I can speak for myself and it might be the case of Preda as well. This is all I can tell you, I haven’t discussed with the rest of them.” “I am for any new right-wing movement formed by incorruptible people,” she said. On the other hand, PDL MEP Cristian Preda, proposed to be ousted out of the party, stated during an interview at RFI that he was has been invited to join USL but he refused the offer because he doesn’t want to leave the party as he is not a traitor.  PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu stated, a week ago, that he feels Romanians are waiting for something and this waiting will take shape at some point, but first he has to do its best at the government.During the same TV show, Macovei said the party could have found a better candidate to run for Bucharest City Hall than Silviu Prigoana. “Preda should stay in PDL. And I believe the party could have found a better candidate for Bucharest City Hall (…) Cristi Preda wanted to run for Bucharest City Hall, he was ready to join the race and even he had not chances to win, we had the opportunity to show another face of PDL and attract another social category, the one neither Oprescu nor Prigoana attract,” said Macovei.

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