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May 16, 2021

Gigi Becali acquitted in ‘Cash bag’ case

The High Court of Justice and Cassation (ICCJ) magistrates have acquitted MEP and Steaua Bucharest financier George Becali in the ‘Cash bag’ case. He will also get back the EUR 1.7 M that the prosecutors had placed under distraint. Teia Sponte, lawyer Alina Florentina Ciul, Victor Piturca, Radu Marino (deceased) and Raul Volcinschi were also acquitted. Becali thanked God for the verdict and expressed his happiness that his country is not led by Satan…

Gigi Becali to keep the Steaua brand

The Bucharest Tribunal rules the FC Steaua financier Gigi becali could keep the brand for his football team. The decision is not final, as prosecutors may file an appeal. Gigi becali was also waiting for another ruling that may affect his future. The Bucharest Court was expected to rule yesterday whether Gigi Becali can keep the Steaua brand. The court case started after the Steaua Army Sports Club (CSA Steaua) sued the company that owns Steaua Bucharest FC. The trial started on May 25, 2011. CSA Steaua demanded the ‘Steaua’ brand, ProSport informs. CSA Steaua claims that Gigi Becali illegally took hold of the brand. Gigi Becali can appeal against an unfavorable decision.

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