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March 21, 2023

PDL completes list of candidates in Bucharest

Last week, the Democrat-Liberals finalised their list of candidacies in the local election in Bucharest. Silviu Prigoana (PDL candidate for mayor of the capital city), Teodor Paleologu, Liviu Negoita and Cristian Poteras, running for mayor of Sectors 1, 3 and 6 were joined by Lucian Iliescu, Sulfina Barbu and Cristian Atanasoaei as candidates for mayor in Sectors 2, 4 and 5. The announcement was made at the middle of last week by PDL Bucharest President Elena Udrea, who also noted that the party’s campaign colour in the Bucharest election was going to be green and not the current orange. ‘It is a colour standing of youth and strength, (…), a bright colour showing our openness to the people of Bucharest, it is a warm and friendly colour. First of all I think it signifies hope and renewal’, Mediafax quotes Udrea as having said. She said PDL wanted for Bucharest an administration with ‘a new and young spirit’, with ‘active people’ as there already are in Sectors 3 and 6 (Liviu Negoita and Cristian Poteras – our note). PDL President Emil Boc said, in turn, that the party’s objective in the local election was 25 per cent of votes at a national level, that being, in fact, a first stage towards continuing in the government after 2012. On the other hand, Boc says PDL branches in Cluj or other counties have no reason to give up on the orange colour for the local election. Bucharest – says the PDL leader – is in ‘a special situation, because there is the general municipality and six sector administrations.’ Regarding the possibility that he may run for a new term as mayor of Cluj-Napoca, as some of his party colleagues argue, Boc said candidates were currently under evaluations and the final lists were going to be made public on April 28. ‘In Cluj-Napoca we have colleagues who can secure our continuity at the municipality. We will most certainly keep the local government of both the municipality and county council and that’s the most important thing’, said the PDL president.

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