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March 28, 2023

Arnesen Blues Band at EUROPAfest 2012

Under the logo « It’s all about live quality music !» during May 4-19, 300 musicians from 45 countries will perform live in concert in Bucharest.

The EUROPAfest, will be hosting at Odeon Theatre On May 6, at 7 pm, part of Spring on Blues Notes concert, Sweden’s Arnesen Blues Band, one of the most popular European blues bands. The event is part of the series of over 30 concerts of jazz, blues, pop and classical music offered as part of the festival. The music of Arnesen Blues Band covers a broad range, from “Stormy Monday” to powerful rock sounds, seasoned with “trips” into other rhythms and moods as well. The members of Arnesen Blues Band are not only extraordinary musicians, but also close friends tied by their passion for the blues. Thomas Arnesen, the band’s leader, speaking about himself and his band mates, says that, while in the studio, they are quite strict and organized, when climbing onto the stage, the adrenaline of the moment makes them let it all loose, to the joy and delight of the attending public, with strong songs inevitably making the audience jump off  their chairs and sing along the rhythms of the instruments. The band can surreptitiously switch from one musical style to another, with one of the members changing direction, and the others following suit closely. They have never found it difficult to be in sync with one another. Kjell Gustavsson follows the heart beats and translates them into drum counterparts, while pianist Anders Forsberg’s sound fascicles  are always a sort of guide to the other group members. Bjorn Lundquist, the bass player, wrote the music along with the audience, depicting the fast or slow moves spectators make in their chairs, while captivated by the sounds heard, and Andres Helkvist, whom Andersen describes as a genuine magician of his instrument,  the organ, puts his whole heart into both personal and collective songs. 

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