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February 2, 2023

Diaconescu-Clinton talks: We work together to include the missile defence system to NATO defence policy

Minister Cristian Diaconescu said on Wednesday that Romania and the USA were working to include the role of the ballistic missile defence system next to conventional and nuclear armaments to NATO’s defence and deterrence policy in the final documents of the Summit in Chicago.The Romanian foreign minister made the statement after seeing US Secretary of state Hilary Clinton in the context of the meeting of the NATO Foreign and Defence Ministers in Brussels. ‘First of all, we started from the Romanian-American cooperation regarding the mandate of the Summit in Chicago and, from that point of view, the two delegations, the two Foreign Ministries, as well as the two Ministries of Defence, are working to include to the final documents of the Chicago Summit the role of the missile defence system alongside conventional and nuclear armaments in what concerns the NATO defence and deterrence policy,’ FM Cristian Diaconescu told Mediafax.Diaconescu pointed out that, as far as Afghanistan was concerned, the US had expressed its clear and extremely serious gratitude for Romania’s contribution. ‘We will contribute with armament, institutional building systems and training for the economic reconstruction of the Afghan state,’ Diaconescu also said. Foreign ministers from NATO and ISAF partner nations and organisations discussed yesterday in Brussels how they plan to back a successful transition in Afghanistan, a NATO communiqué reads. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said discussions helped to prepare for next month’s NATO summit in Chicago.Asked if they had discussed the procurement of F-16 fighter, the FM said: ‘This project is currently being assessed by the Romanian party and the Americans are waiting for us to make a decision. They have the offer still on the table and, as soon as we find a solution, they will cooperate’, Diaconescu said.

Clinton considers cooperation in Syria

FM Cristian Diaconescu said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had told him she was thinking about cooperation with Romania on ‘humanitarian matters or political/diplomatic aspects’ regarding Syria. ‘The secretary of state even told me that, at that point, she was considering a way of cooperation with us because the situation was growing critical and dialogue instruments were becoming scarce’, Diaconescu said. ‘Regarding Syria, they took note of the very big potential contribution Romania could bring in respect of political and humanitarian solutions,’ Diaconescu added. 


130 common projects in the framework of the Strategic Partnership with the USA

Diaconescu also said a Romanian-American working group was to gather in early May for a meeting on the Strategic Partnership of the two countries, 130 common projects having already been identified.‘We spoke about the Strategic Partnership signed by the two presidents and we let the other side know that the partnership task force would meet at the beginning of May, so far having identified 130 projects of bilateral cooperation,’ Diaconescu said. On the other hand, the minister noted that he had addressed aspects in the energy field during his talks with the American delegation.

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