Healing Spring celebrated today

Christians are celebrating today the Healing Spring, a religious holiday in the Bright Week that shows the role of the Virgin Mary in the work of redemption. Historically speaking, the Healing Spring, a holiday dedicated to the Holy Virgin, reminds us of a miracle. He who later became Emperor Leon the Great, while traveling through a forest, met a wounded blind man groping his way.  Leon took him by the hand to show him the way, but, on the blind man’s request to bring him some water, went for it into the forest but couldn’t find any. At some point, a voice was heard telling him where the water was, so he could help the man quench his thirst and also apply some on his blind eyes.Leon followed the directions and found a spring which proved being a healing one. Not only that the blind man quenched his thirst but he also regained his sight. Having become  an emperor, Leon erected a church in that very place, and the spring water helped heal many sick people over time, thanks to the mercy and work of the Virgin Mary who revealed him its location… The spring represents the Live Spring of our salvation: the Holy Virgin. Aside from the dogmatic aspects of the works of the Holy Virgin in the history of the humankind, the Healing Spring shows the power of her grace to make miracles with God’s help, given her being our Mother, of those of us who trust her with her help, as, according to the Church, she is our Entreater and Mediator before Christ.

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