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December 1, 2020

Hotel facade in central Bucharest collapsed

The frontage of Minerva Hotel in the Capital collapsed after several workers worked on a roof using a pick hammer, which led to the destruction of the mostly glass-made terrace.The glass shards injured a baby girl and slightly injured her mother. Both of them were in the hotel’s restaurant at the time… The infant was rushed to the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital and was admitted to the Plastic Surgery Department, Mediafax quoted hospital officials as saying.One of the Chinese owners of the restaurant said that a team of workers had been working on replacing the roof finishing since Saturday morning.The façade partially fell off as a result of unauthorized works by the building owner, according to Development Ministry officials, on the basis of an inspection by the State Construction Inspectorate.The incident sparked a political wrangling, with Democrat-Liberal Elena Udrea criticizing Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu, saying it is the municipal authorities who are entirely responsible for the collapse of the building frontage. “The blame rests with both the building owner and the local public administration, with the latter maybe even more so than the former, since it should have made sure the law is complied with. In other words, Sorin Oprescu’s City Hall should have made sure the building façade is overhauled so that such tragedy should not have happened. Unfortunately, nothing has been done in this respect during the term of the incumbent mayor. The law being obeyed was the last of his concerns and this is how human lives have been jeopardized,” Udrea wrote on her blog.

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