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January 23, 2022

Pensioners jostle to sue state

Pensioners from all over the country stood in line for three days in order to sue the state. They want to recover the money they lost since 2011 following the decision to tax their pensions by 5.5 per cent in the form of health insurance contributions.

Pensioners that gathered in front of the Arges Court on Friday in order to sue the state in a bid to recover their 5.5 per cent health insurance contributions, jostled with gendarmes. A door was unhinged and one woman collapsed. The pensioners broke into the building, unhinging a door. Gendarmes intervened and had a difficult time trying to stop the people, explaining to them that they should enter in the building ten at a time. Prior to that incident, the gendarmes intervened to settle a conflict between several pensioners that accused each other of not respecting the queue. Gendarmes called an ambulance after an elderly woman collapsed. The woman was given medical care in the ambulance. She later stated that she came to the court building at 6 AM, although the court opens at 8.30 AM, fearing that she might not be able to file her complaint on Friday, given the fact that the court closes at 12.30 PM. Approximately 200 pensioners left the court building without filing their complaints because the court closed down at 12.30 PM. Consequently, the Arges Court decided to extend its working hours by 90 minutes starting this week. In Bucharest one thousand pensioners went to the Bucharest Court in order to file their complaints, only 300 of them having the complete documents needed. In several counties thousands of pensioners whose pensions surpass RON 740 filed complaints within county pension houses, asking for the restitution of their 5.5 per cent health insurance contributions. The institutions rejected their complaints, arguing that they cannot modify an emergency ordinance.Some 100,000 retirees filed with Pension Houses requests of the aforementioned type, but it is unknown how many of them also went in court.

Boghicevici: Health insurances system loses over RON 1 bln

Labour Minister Claudia Boghicevici said Friday that the public system of health insurances will lose over EUR 1 bln a year after the enactment of the Constitutional Court’s decision, which might not be enforced starting May this year. According to Boghicevici, the law gives authorities a 45-day deadline for harmonising the fiscal legislation with the decision of the Constitutional Court, so the decision might be enforced later than May.On March 13, the Constitutional Court ruled that the 5.5 pc withheld as contribution to the public health insurances is to be applied only to the incomes from pensions that exceed RON 740.

Iliescu: The government must find solutions for returning the money

The honorary president of PSD, Ion Iliescu said Friday that the government must find solutions to return the money which it illegally took to retirees. “The money was illegally withheld by the state. It is the right of pensioners, and the state must find solutions to return it. People must get their incomes,” Iliescu stated. Asked to elaborate on the reaction of authorities, which said that there are no funds for repaying the money to pensioners, Iliescu answered: “I don’t know. The government needs to find solutions. They must do it. I cannot give them solutions; this is an obligation.”


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