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March 28, 2023

Criminal probe into the Minerva Hotel incident

Bucharest Police opened a criminal file of manslaughter in the incident related to the collapse of a part of the facade of the Minerva Hotel of Bucharest, which injured a 6-month baby, police officials said, quoted by Mediafax. “The probe targets the activity of the construction workers that were doing works to the terrace of the hotel. It will establish whether there is a causal link between their activity and the collapse of the facade chunk,” added the sources. On the other hand, representatives of the Minerva Hotel defend themselves saying that the works which – according to the Ministry of Development – caused the collapse of facade adornments are made by an authorised construction company, hired following an auction, under a contract that was submitted to authorities. “We conduct works of water insulation to the balcony of 6-th floor rooms. (…) The element that broke and fell is an original adornment built in 1937, on wooden consoles masked in plaster, which does not make the object of the aforementioned operations. For other technical data, please talk with the construction company,” reads a press release issued by SC Minerva 92 SRL. The document mentions neither the moment when the contract has been submitted to authorities, nor if the construction works had been authorised. Hotel officials say that, now, their main concern is the medical condition of the baby that was injured Saturday.

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