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February 1, 2023

Fiscal authority adjusted to the goals set by PM Ungureanu

Biaseness must be uprooted with respect to controlling, and the Agency streamlining should focus on operational functions, the new ANAF president, Serban Pop, said.

The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) will make cracking down on powerful tax evasion groups its priority, who have the ability to influence decisions “at the highest level of the fiscal administration,” said Serban Pop, the newly appointed ANAF president, who, in a communiqué, said the ANAF assessment has begun and the results so far “can surely be improved on,” according to Mediafax. ” Irrespective of the kind of attacks we will be exposed to, we will carry on the ANAF reform to make sure law is complied with,» Pop said, who added that the tax administration will be adjusted to meet the goals. The ANAF mentioned he would adapt the tax administration to meet the goals set by PM Mihai R_zvan Ungureanu following the ANAF analysis to be laid out this week.In the short run, ANAF will focus on economic areas with a high degree of tax evasion – namely the excise-charged trade (tobacco, alcohol and oil products) and the fruit and vegetable trade, envisaging measures aimed at discouraging tax-dodging initiatives. ” Following the money trail is the means for direct action, an area requiring improved cooperation with other institutions, including those in the banking and judicial sectors,” Pop said, who added that subjectivism must be eliminated from the act of controlling, and the Agency trim-down should focus on the transfer from support to operational activities.Last February, the premier called on ministers and the heads of authorities involved in fighting tax evasion to pay into the budget within two months revenues equivalent to at least 1.5 pc GDP, i.e. EUR 2 bln, especially from actions against the smuggling of alcohol and vegetal products.Last week, when Sorin Blejnar concluded his term in office, was replaced as ANAF head, after a meeting with Mihai Razvan Ungureanu. Blejnar will nonetheless stay with ANAF as head of the Fiscal Verification Department.  Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu called on the new ANAF leadership to collect revenues into the state budget equal to 1.5 pc de GDP within two months or to lay out within one week an alternative proposal if they believe the target as unrealistic.

Number of financial administrations cut drastically in 2015

ANAF will scale down to eight regional divisions and bring the number of current units down to 20 pc of its current units by 2015, with just one such unit in place for each county, with the regional divisions, customs and financial guard to merge into a single authority. Currently, aside from its own apparatus, ANAF structure includes 42  public finance county divisions and circa 220 municipal, urban and communal public finance administrations, adding to which are those corresponding to Bucharest’s districts. Also under ANAF coordination, there are the Financial Guard and the National Customs Administration. ANAF downsizing will unfold in line with the program agreed with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and was made part of the new convergence Program passed by Government on Wednesday.


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