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September 29, 2022

Ludovic Orban predicts poor PSD-PNL relations after elections

In an interview for ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily, PNL MP Ludovic Orban warns about the PSD-PNL relations being damaged after the election. His recommendation to the PNL leaders is to manage the relationship with cautiousness, aware of the danger that it may start to deteriorate once their colleagues have seen themselves settled in at the Victoria Palace, when the Liberal may not be able to find support for their own government projects. ‘(…) The PNL leadership would be much more careful about its relations with PSD. I am convinced that, once they settle in at Victoria Palace, the relations will change. If we have no high-profile representatives backed by the strength of the party and prior prestige, relations in the government will be very complicated and we will have a hard time imposing our views on the ruling programmes,’ Orban says. Orban believes PSD is already double-faced in its relations with the Liberals, because in many localities the Social-Democrat candidates do not campaign for the PNL ones and that the Social-Democrats’ ‘non-combat’ is known to the PNL leaders who prefer to pretend they are unaware of things. ‘Where the candidate for county council president is from PSD, it needs to understand it is not the only party and that, if it really wants to motivate PNL’s supporters, it has to ensure a consistent representation of PNL in all local structures, or USL will lose,’ said the PNL MP. Orban also denounced the welcoming into PNL of the PDL deserters, arguing that the party did not need Sorin Frunzaverde, a former First Vice-President of the Democrat-Liberals. Orban also criticises statements made by PSD people claiming their party is more careful when it comes to welcoming PDL defectors. ‘Please, don’t tell me PSD is more careful. PSD, too, has received its share of orange deserters and I’m sorry they also go to them.’ As far as the candidates in the Bucharest local election are concerned, Orban’s opinion is that PSD is not entitled to nominate one for mayor of District 6. ‘I do not understand why Mr. Ponta sets himself up as a referee between PNL and PC as long as he does not claim District 6. The mayoral candidate in District 6 should be agreed on by PNL and PC, not by PSD,’ Orban said. Furthermore, he points out that PNL is number one in Bucharest, ‘with 5-6 per cent more than PSD in all polls’ and that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have separate candidates in Bucharest. ‘Every PNL candidacy under PNL’s brand is good for the party and most of all for the representation of the electoral corps who sympathise with PNL and trusts it (…) Our only obligation as far as Bucharest is concerned is to support a single candidate for general mayor and a common list of candidates for the City Council,’ the liberal said.

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