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December 6, 2022

Three former Democrat-Liberals support no-confidence vote

The other defecting or non-affiliated MPs are also considering voting the Opposition’s motion. USL still needs another ten votes to topple the Cabinet.

The Social Liberal Union (USL) hopes to bridge the gap of the ten votes until Friday, when the motion of no confidence will be debated. At this point, the opposition can count on 151 votes in the lower Chamber and 70 in the Senate, 221 in total, meaning that the fate of the Government may be decided by the non-affiliated MPs and by possible further defectors from the majority. PSD President Victor Ponta yesterday actually admitted that USL has not yet the votes to secure the adoption of the motion, but that it’s still a long time until Friday. ‘If the no-confidence vote is successful, because today we don’t have the votes, but it’s a long time until Friday, the motion is not destructive, just bring down the Government, it is constructive. We will propose a new Government with broad parliamentary and popular support (…)’, Mediafax quotes Ponta as having said. He added that the new Government would need to fulfil obligations towards the IMF, deal with the issues with ECHR and give the retired people their money back. He criticised PM Ungureanu, saying that he was not in Parliament for the reading of the motion Monday evening ‘because of arrogance’. In Ponta’s opinion, all Ungureanu’s projects have been rejected by the ruling coalition and he only rules for Traian Basescu. As far as the independent MPs and PDL defectors are concerned, so far the only non-affiliated MPs who have clearly said they would support the no-confidence vote are Marian Avram, who resigned from PDL a month ago and Mircia Giurgiu, expelled from PDL after supporting a censure motion against the Boc Cabinet in 2010 and Florentin Gust who has left PDL to re-join PSD. Avram said he would vote for the motion, bringing the argument that the reason for his departure from PDL was exactly the fact that the Democrat-Liberals no longer needed his services as an MP. Giurgiu promised he would also vote for this motion ‘with both hands’.  The rest of them would not disclose how they would vote on the censure motion on Friday. Other ones, such as non-affiliated MP Gheorghe Zoicas, attached conditions. More exactly, Zoicas said he would vote against if PM Ungureanu reshuffles Regional Development Minister Cristian Petrescu. If he doesn’t, he will support the motion. Ioan Munteanu said he would vote for the opposition’s motion if all USL MPs are present for the debate and the vote. Non-affiliated MP Dan Ilie Morega, a former PNL member, said he would participate in the debate on the censure motion and would vote as his conscience tells him, noting that he would continue as an independent MP and that he benefits from no advantages from either the power or the opposition. Another independent MP, Marian Saniuta, former PSD member, also said he would be there and his vote would be ‘with the heart on the left side and with the mind on the right side’. Cezar Magureanu said he would decide on how to vote after consulting with PNL Vice-President Dan Radu Rusanu. Ex-Democrat Liberal Daniel Oajdea said he would be present in Parliament but he had not decided on how he would vote yet. On the other hand, political sources say the Social-Democrats have no interest in that the motion is adopted and the Ungureanu Government falls, because, in reality, they do not want to take over the government right now. ‘We are about to obtain the number of votes that we need, but we will be put in an extremely risky situation. If the no-confidence vote is successful, we will have big issues with taking over the government. The Liberals have dragged us into this situation for Crin Antonescu’s electoral reasons,’ Social-Democratic sources told HotNews.ro. There are voices in PSD claiming that a successful no-confidence vote would be sheer suicide in an election year for USL and mainly for PSD, who may have its image eroded ahead of the parliamentary election.On the other hand, the Liberals would like to play the supreme card, putting all their bets on the removal of the Ungureanu Government and holding a snap presidential election in the autumn. ‘Antonescu is aware of the fact that PSD could betray him after the local election, leaving PNL out, so he overbids all or nothing. USL organising parliamentary election and snap presidential election simultaneously would be the finishing stroke for both Basescu, Ungureanu’s political project and PDL, the last even facing the risk of not getting into Parliament at all’ political sources explain.

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