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March 23, 2023

Pipera Overpass to open in the upcoming days

New traffic restrictions have been instituted in Bucharest’s northern part. The access road from the Pipera Overpass to the Bucharest – Constanta railway was closed to traffic three days ago. The good news is that traffic in the aforementioned area will soon grow lighter. Thus, Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu stated yesterday after visiting the Pipera Overpass construction site that the overpass will open for traffic in a few days’ time, the works currently consisting of the last touches. “It will be ready in several days’ time and we’ll open it for traffic. Just like the citizens here, I too want this, and I’m sorry it took some time, however the overpass wasn’t postponed because Oprescu wanted that. After four months of winter it would have been crazy to open it for traffic without completing all works,” the Bucharest General Mayor stated without pointing out whether “several days” means the overpass will be inaugurated this week. He added that he will not start his election campaign by inaugurating the Pipera Overpass, pointing out that those saying that contradict themselves. “They contradict themselves saying I’m engaged in an elections campaign by opening the Pipera Overpass for traffic. They also say this inauguration was postponed, they also say I’m campaigning. I’m not engaged in an elections campaign,” Oprescu stated, pointing out that when the elections campaign starts on May 11 he will go and talk to the people instead of inaugurating completed investment projects. According to Oprescu, 48,000 cars will transit the overpass on a daily basis, thus freeing up the Barbu Vacarescu and Calea Floreasca boulevards.

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