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June 26, 2022

Mining revival actions carry on in Rosia Montana

Future of Mining Trade Union from Rosia Montana launched, yesterday, after the third edition of the meeting of The Rosia Montana Project Support Group, during the national press conference “An opportunity for Romania: jobs by mining revival”, a signature campaign for jobs in mining and, implicitly, in Rosia Montana. This could be supported by signing the online petition available on www.darosiamontana.ro.The initiative comes in the context in which, according to Cristian Albu, the leader of Future of Mining Trade Union from Rosia Montana, 85 pc of the active population in Rosia Montana is unemployed and the mining project in the Apuseni Mountains, which is able to economically revive the area and send a positive signal to other investors interested in the Romanian mining industry, is still pending the necessary authorizations for the re-launch of mining in the area. “We, the miners from the Apuseni Mountains, know that mining can bring prosperity and jobs. It is time for mining to start again, on modern bases, to provide jobs for thousands of people, not only from the Apuseni Mountains, but also other areas with mining tradition,” said Cristian Albu, who made the point that during the 16 years the project is estimated to last at minimum, over 2500 direct jobs will be created in the construction stage, adding to which 800 will be in place in the exploitation phase.In his turn, the mayor of Rosia Montana, Eugen Furdui, held that the belated decisions only generate uncertainty among some of the interested investors. Premise for modern mining also in RomaniaThe conference also benefited from the expertise of two international guests who underline the importance of mining in the European context, given that demand for minerals will increase with world population growth. “Modern mining is not a utopia. (…) Romania should use natural resources better in a sector with tradition revitalized, for the welfare of its citizens. Let’s not forget there are many examples of successful mining projects in European Union countries, such as Finland, Portugal, Greece and Sweden, projects with proven viability in time and which can be a successful source of inspiration for Romania and other countries”, said Johannes Drielsma, Deputy Director of Euromines The Finish example was broadly presented by Seppo Maula, former mayor of the locality of Kittilla and current consultant in the mining industry field. “In 2010, the Finish mining sector generated 2,200 direct jobs, in mining companies, and 1,700 indirect jobs, in subcontracting companies. In 2014 we expect other 3,300 jobs to be generated by the same sector. I believe there is also every premise for modern, environmentally-responsible and job-generating mining in Romania”, Seppo Maula declared during the conference.

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