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December 9, 2022

Ponta calls upon all MPs to back no-confidence vote

The PSD president says opposition’s motion is seven votes away from adoption. The power says motion will fall.

PSD President Victor Ponta yesterday called upon all MPs regardless of parties to support the no-confidence vote and ‘not to give a stone for bread to those who elected them’. He said USL now has 224 members in the parliamentary groups and that they will all be present for the vote on Friday. ‘All 224 members of the USL groups will be present and will vote for the censure motion. They are not enough. We are seven votes short of the 231 needed for passage. But I am not tired and will not become tired until Friday of calling on all MPs, be they from PDL, UDMR, UNPR or minorities not to give a stone for bread to those who elected them, to stand up from their seats and vote. (…) They all know this government will be replaced sooner or later, now it is in the MPs power to do their duty to the people and make Romania’s suffering six months shorter (…)’, the PSD president said at the Parliament Palace. On the other side of the barricade, the prime-minister and PDL claim they have no fears about the outcome of the no-confidence vote. PM Ungureanu said yesterday in Parliament that he was not nervous about the vote and that it is something MPs vote on ‘as their own conscience dictates’. ‘In a no-confidence vote, every member of Parliament first answers to his own conscience’, Mediafax quotes the PM as having said. PDL President Emil Boc also said the recent defections for now do not put the Ungureanu Government in jeopardy in the no-confidence vote and added that some of the USL MPs might not support the motion. ‘Based on what we know today, the motion will be denied and the Government will carry on’, Boc reassured on TVR on Tuesday, insisting on the fact that there are no ‘failure cracks’ in the coalition. Regarding the defections from the main ruling party, Boc said he is extremely happy about the fact that the party is purged of opportunists in that way. Yesterday, ex-PDL Deputy Marian Avram, who quit the party a month ago, announced he had joined USL. He said there are a lot of disgruntled PDL MPs who might join the Opposition.Senate Speaker Vasile Blaga in turn said he is convinced that the censure motion will not be adopted. ‘The party is mobilized and the coalition is mobilized for the no-confidence vote. (…) President Emil Boc knows very well where we stand and the motion will not be adopted’, he said. As for PDL MPs, their opinions regarding the non-confidence vote are divided. Some do not gave it any chance, while others are concerned over the tight score between coalition and opposition in Parliament. “I have certain fears, the motion might pass”, said an anonymous PDL MP, as quoted by Mediafax

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