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October 22, 2021

Football players Margaritescu and Munteanu sentenced to 3 and 5 years

On Thursday, the Bucharest Court sentenced Andrei Margaritescu (photo right) and Cristi Munteanu (photo left) to three and five years in jail respectively, while Alexandru Magherescu, founder of the Doris medical centre was sentenced to seven years in jail. The sentences are executory. The three were sentenced in a case concerning cars that were fraudulently leased. Former Dinamo fullback Andrei Margaritescu was sentenced for concealment, while former Dinamo goalkeeper Cristi Munteanu was sentenced for being an accessory to attempted fraud. Dr. Alexandru Magherescu, the founder of the Doris medical centre, was sentenced to seven years in jail. At the same time, the court sentenced Adrian Mihai Radu to five years in jail, the sentence being executory, and his wife Bianca Radu to two years of probation for concealment. The decision is not final, and can be attacked through appeals. In April 2011, Bucharest prosecutors started criminal proceedings against nine persons in a car theft case. Former Dinamo midfielder Andrei Margaritescu and former Dinamo goalkeeper Cristi Munteanu were among the defendants. Prosecutors accused Andrei Margaritescu and Cristi Munteanu of being “the rightful owners of a car” while “clearly knowing it had been stolen.” At the same time, prosecutors also charged Alexandru Magherescu, the former owner of an Audi A8 that was listed as stolen in the police database, a vehicle used by Andrei Margaritescu and Cristi Munteanu.Magherescu was accused of selling the car two years ago to former Dinamo goalkeeper Cristi Munteanu for approximately EUR 10,000. The businessman then declared the car stolen in order to cash in the insurance.Judicial sources also stated that after he briefly kept the car bought from Magherescu, Cristi Munteanu managed, with the complicity of several of the defendants, to obtain “legal” paperwork for it. Early in 2011, Munteanu sold the car to his teammate Andrei Margaritescu. Andrei Margaritescu stated on Thursday that he is shocked by the Bucharest Court’s decision to sentence him to three years in jail, considering that he had no criminal record. Cristi Munteanu, who is currently Executive President of FC Farul Constanta, stated he is surprised by the harsh sentence. “I burst into laughter when I heard the decision! We’re living in a country in which a basketball player is beaten to death and his killer gets five years in jail, while I get the same sentence for paying EUR 32,000 for a car,” Cristi Munteanu stated.

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