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December 10, 2022

How Romanians spent their May 1

As happens every year, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic towards the seaside and mountainside. Those that traveled so many kilometers were welcomed by electoral events organized by politicians, events featuring highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on the gridiron and beer.

30,000 Romanians went to the seaside on May 1 and other thousands to the mountainside. The cities lay deserted, to the happiness of those that drove through them, while seaside and mountainside hotels were fully booked. The forests located close to large cities were blanketed in barbecue smoke. This was May 1 in Romania. Localities around Bucharest were invaded by hundreds of barbecue fans that chose to remain close to home on May 1. The same happened in Timisoara. In Cluj, those that did not go to the seaside found solace on the beach built in one of the neighborhoods, hundreds of youngsters forming large queues in order to get in. Many of those that chose to spend their mini-holiday at the seaside were the fans of the Vama Veche resort. Because of the warm weather they chose to sleep outside their tents. Traffic policemen set up filters on the roads leading back from the seaside and mountainside. Thus, on Tuesday hundreds of policemen and traffic radars were posted on the roads connecting Bucharest to the seaside and mountainside. A traffic police helicopter monitored the Sun Highway. Electoral events were not absent. Thus, thousands of people attended three parties organized in Constanta by Mayor Radu Mazare and Constanta County Council President Nicusor Constantinescu (PSD). The Constanta City Hall spent approximately RON 200,000 for these parties. The events were mostly attended by pensioners. Accompanied by Nicusor Constantinescu, Radu Mazare arrived at one of the locations around noon, wishing everyone “a nice party” and telling them that he will take care of them as long as he is mayor. Mazare and Constantinescu then went to the other two locations, speaking to the hundreds of people there. PSD offered highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on the gridiron and beer in Iasi too. Thus, approximately 1,500 people attended the event organized in the city’s Expozitiei Park on Tuesday. Some of the participants were brought in from the city’s neighborhoods with motor coaches. Some of the people complained of poor organization because they waited in line for up to an hour to receive highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on the gridiron and beer. Gheorghe Nichita, President of PSD Iasi and Mayor of Iasi, told the participants that “May 1 is the day of those that know what hard work means,” claiming that this year “Labor Day is different, because the Romanians’ hope has been reborn.” Other politicians avoided organizing this kind of events in order for them not to be interpreted as electoral gestures. Thus, District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie organized a concert in Bucharest’s Izvor Park. However, the event did not feature the traditional highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on gridiron and beer, “in order to avoid political interpretations,” the guests drinking only Pepsi and Cola instead. On the other hand, many Romanians made excesses, the Bucharest Ambulance registering over 4,700 calls during the May 1 mini-holiday. As happens every year, some Romanians spent their May 1 mini-holiday abroad. Unfortunately not all of them enjoyed themselves. Thus, a motor coach with Romanian tourists onboard caught fire near Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach resort on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Nobody was hurt, but the motor coach burnt completely. Unfortunate accidents took place in the country too. Two people died in a kayaking accident on the Vaser River in Maramures, near Viseu. Their bodies were found by locals. Warm weather in the following days tooThe weather will remain particularly warm today too. Nevertheless, compared to previous days temperatures will drop by 2-3 degrees in western, central and northern regions where the sky will be clouded too. The sunny and very warm weather will remain unchanged in Bucharest. In Crisana, Maramures and northern Transylvania the sky will be overcast in the afternoon and the evening. Thunderstorms will be registered at the mountainside. In the south, the weather will be very warm throughout the day. The same weather will be registered in Moldavia, maximum temperatures set to stand below 30 degrees Celsius in hilly areas, in Suceava and Piatra Neamt. Tomorrow the weather will be generally unstable in the country’s western half. The sky will be temporarily overcast and thunderstorms will be registered. In the rest of the territory the sky will be variable and maximum temperatures will reach 31-32 degrees again.In Bucharest the sky will be variable tomorrow and there will be conditions for rainfall. The wind speed will be low to moderate. The maximum temperature will stand at 30-31 degrees Celsius. In the following days the atmospheric pressure will drop slightly, and thunderstorms will be registered in western, central and northern regions.

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