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May 20, 2022

First stem cell bank at a public hopital, Fundeni Clinical Institute

The Fundeni Clinical Institute continues its series of medical premieres with the inauguration of the first cell stem bank in a state hospital able to provided the conditions both for their processing and storage, romanialibera.ro. reports. Therefore, the Romanian health system aligns itself to international standards in the field of medullar transplants. The stem cells stored in  this bank will be used by both the patients undergoing medullar transplant at the Fundeni Clinical Institute, and the voluntary donors whose stem cells will be processed in the bank. The bank was set up amid the National Register of Voluntary Donors of Haematopoietic Stem Cells about being completed, which would allow access by patients in need of a cell transplant from unrelated donors, both from the National Register and from the international registers connected to it. Once the National Register becomes operable, the Fundeni Clinical Institution will be able to receive stem cells stored in medullar transplant health centers. As we speak, the Romanian state spends 100,000 euro for each patient who goes to get treatment abroad although medullar transplants could be performed at one of the three transplant centers in Romania for  only 40,000 euro. The Health Ministry has so far invested roughly 250,000 euro in  the stem cell bank at the Fundeni Clinic Institute. Doctors say the investment is small given the cost reductions the bank could bring to the state budget. Over 350 medullar transplants have so far been performed at the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

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