Industrial production prices, up 6 pc

Industrial production prices per total domestic and foreign market increased by 1 pc in March against the previous month and by 5.8 pc against March 2011, the National Statistics Institute (INS) announced yesterday. Based on destination, industrial prices for the local market advanced by 0.7 pc (in March vs. February), while those for the foreign markets went up 1.6 pc. In the extractive industry and in the industry of electricity, thermal energy, gas hot water and air conditioned, prices decreased by 1 pc and 0.4 pc, respectively, reads the INS communique. Based on big industrial category, prices went up in the energy industry (2.3 pc), the production of intermediary goods (0.7 pc), consumer goods (0.2 pc) and capital goods (0.1 pc). In the industry of durable items, prices dropped by 0.1 pc. Significant price increases were reported for the products of the energy industry (11.3 pc), capital goods (3.6 pc), intermediary goods (3.1 pc) and durables (1.6 pc).Another INS report shows that incomings and arrivals in tourist accommodation units advanced in Q1, compared to the similar period of last year, by 11.3 pc and 6.1 pc, respectively. Over the interval, there were 1.251 million incomings and 2.435 million overnight stays. Arrivals of Romanian tourists accounted for 78.4 pc of the total figure.Arrivals of foreign visitors in Romania, registered at border checkpoints, amounted to 1.388 million in Q1 2012, up 0.5 pc against the same quarter of last year. The vast majority of foreign visitors came from European countries (95.3 pc). Visitors from the European Union accounted for 64.9 pc of the total number of foreigners that visited Romania. Among EU states, most tourists came from Hungary (36.1 pc), Bulgaria (21.5 pc), Germany (8 pc), Italy (7.7 pc) and Austria (4.6 pc).

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