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June 28, 2022

Basescu deems an eventual rejection of the new cabinet by Parliament a ‘disaster’

Traian Basescu said yesterday, upon leaving a supermarket, that a lingering political crisis would be a disaster for Romania, and promised to have “institutional” relations with nominated PM Victor Ponta. Asked by Realitatea TV if the new Cabinet will pass in Parliament today, Basescu stopped short from giving a clear answer, as “one may never know” when it comes to the Romanian Parliament. However, the president said it would be a disaster if the Ponta Cabinet did not pass in Parliament, because this would only extend the political crisis. “With the majority that is taking shape, I don’t think they have any trouble to pass it,” he added on Realitatea TV.Basescu also referred to his future collaboration with Victor Ponta, which he described as “institutional.” “Of course, whenever things are done for the national interest, we must act together, because there is no other way: one his way and the other a different way. (…) I can tell you that it is a very correct relation. I talked with him a few times and I am decided to keep things the correct way, as long as the goals converge.” Asked whether he has confidence in the ministers proposed by the nominated PM, the president answered that it is not his problem anymore.Basescu also reiterated that he would give up two years of his presidential mandate in exchange for amending the Constitution. “I promised in writing that I will give up two years of my mandate if the referendum is enforced,” the president stated.

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