PDL Senator defects in Liberal camp

Viorel Badea, which represents the Romanian diaspora in the Senate, told MEDIAFAX yesterday that he will leave PDL and join PNL, adding that he will make the formal announcement today, during a joint session of the Parliament. “I intend to leave PDL and join PNL,” Badea stated. As a justification for his move, he said that he can have no future in politics besides William Branza – the leader of the PDL branch in charge with Romanian expatriates. Badea accuses his chief of blocking all his projects and sending into derision all the actions which he initiated for the Romanians living abroad. Badea explained that he made another attempt to leave PDL last year, but he changed his mind after talks with the party leaders. However, his problems with Branza did not cease. “I asked PNL nothing else than to be allowed to move forward my projects for the Romanians diaspora. I will do the same things, I will run in elections in the same constituency,” Badea said, adding that he was a member of PNL in the past.

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