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August 3, 2021

ANPC: We discovered two tons of rotten food

Consumer Protection inspectors have discovered serious infringements at the supermarkets and food stores they checked.

Consumer Protection inspectors have found over two tons of food and food products “that neither a dog nor a cat would have eaten,” National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) President Constantin Cerbulescu stated according to Mediafax. He pointed out that 297 companies, supermarkets and food store chains were checked, irregularities being discovered in the case of 68 per cent of them. “36 tons of foods were checked and two tons were so rotten neither a dog nor a cat would have eaten them,” Constantin Cerbulescu stated during a press conference in which he presented the review of his term in office. The head of ANPC added that inspectors discovered irregularities in what concerns the storage conditions too, the companies checked using the same refrigerator for several products that should not be refrigerated together. Cerbulescu pointed out that in many cases the food was frozen and then used. “It’s illegal to freeze the product and then to sell it,” Cerbulescu said. Other irregularities discovered concerned the net weight of the products sold. Thus, according to Cerbulescu, inspectors often noticed that there are discrepancies, sometimes up to 150-200 grams, between the quantity mentioned on the product’s label and the product itself. Inspectors issued 217 sanctions consisting of 114 warnings and 103 fines worth RON 301,800.

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