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August 5, 2021

PDL demands Education Minister’s resignation, accuses him of plagiarism

Emil Boc presents proof showing that Education Minister Ioan Mang plagiarised.

Yesterday, PDL urged Education Minister Ioan Mang to resign amidst allegations that he plagiarised a number of scientific articles he signs. ‘PDL demands the resignation of the minister of education for the reason that his entire work is just run-of-the-mill plagiarism,’ said PDL President Emil Boc. In support of his allegation, Boc produced an article which, he claims, is ‘100 per cent plagiarism, (…), a reproduction of another scientific article.’‘An article entirely copied from a Japanese source,’ said Boc, who also mentioned the name of the author.The PDL president also brought the proof, Mang’s article published in Craiova, in 2003. The paragraphs integrally imported from the foreign source were highlighted. ‘Here we have the article signed by Minister Mang, which he published in Craiova in 2003, and which is the complete reproduction of a scientific article written by some Japanese authors. Everything highlighted in yellow is imported from the article written by the Japanese authors. Mr. Mang omitted to include two or three charts from their articles, for the rest the articles are identical,’ Boc said. ‘It’s true that he changed the title of the article. That’s Minister Mang’s original contribution. The rest is completely copy-pasted.’ Boc continued the series of allegations, claiming that the nomination of Mr. Mang was just the conformation of the fact that the new authorities want for the Ministry of Education ‘a return to mediocrity, degree factories and fostering of intellectual property theft.’ ‘I have nothing personal against Mr. Mang, I don’t know him, but he doesn’t belong at the top of such a ministry with his academic career dwelling on plagiarism,’ Boc said. His conclusion was that the resignation would be the only appropriate decision at the moment.  But allegations did not end with the minister of education. Boc also attacked the Ponta Government, saying it had already told 10 lies. ‘First of all, as you know, they promised not to name any controversial persons. There are already four such people, after two were dropped in the process – Mr. Alistar and Mrs. Dumitrescu. There are still Mr. Mang, FM Marga whom the mass media suspects of having had a contribution to the attack on the local currency and Mr. Diaconu who has incompatibility issues. They said they would not increase the number of ministries when they come to power, but they added three more. This is a way of spending tax-payers’ money. Just remember how obstinately USL was upholding the so-called revolution of common sense. It ended as soon as they had sensed the taste of power. They were also claiming to be against political migration,’ Boc said. PDL spokesman Sever Voinescu, in turn, asked if PDL would introduce a regular motion against the minister of education if he did not resign, confirmed such an intention, explaining that ‘PDL would use the entire arsenal’ to force the resignation of Ioan Mang. Ioan Mang replaced Corina Dumitrescu, the initial nomination for the Ministry of Education on the Ponta Cabinet. She was withdrawn and replaced with the Bihor senator after her involvement in several scandals, including a plagiarism one. Yesterday, after Boc’s accusations, Ioan Mang said: “If the authors of the articles accuse me of plagiarism and obtain a decision in this regard, then I will certainly resign.” During the hearings by the Parliament committees on Monday, Mang was as firm as he could be: “when I am accused of plagiarism, you should be convinced that I will step down from any public office I may hold,” he was saying at the hearings. PM Victor Ponta was equally intransigent, stating at the beginning of the very first Cabinet meeting: “I will not hesitate to take unpleasant, even painful measures should intransigent integrity issue, of any nature (…)”

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