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September 24, 2021

Kelemen: Minister of Finances’ reserves allow salary increases of 15-16 pc, not just 8 pc

UDMR president Kelemen Hunor said on Saturday that the Ministry of Finance (MF) has in its reserve EUR 5 bln for the increase of salaries by 15-16 pc, so he does not understand why they will be increased by just 8 pc.In a press conference held at Bistrita, Kelemen was asked whether he shares the opinions of the PDL leaders that blamed the USL government for planning to increase salaries by 8 pc in June, as they say there is money for an increase by 15-16 pc.“There are EUR 5 bln in the reserve of the Ministry of Finance, enough to increase salaries by 15-16 pc. I think this would have been the right decision and I do not understand why they decided otherwise. They only speak about 8 pc. When we stepped down from government, we left things alright and we were ready to make this step, to make this decision for June, as I understood the USL government decided as well, but we were prepared for 15 pc, rather than 8 pc,” the UDMR leaders stated.Kelemen added that he cannot understand why increasing the budget deficit does not also allow giving state employees the remaining 15 pc.In his turn, PDL secretary general Ioan Oltean made a similar statement, saying that PDL cannot understand why the salaries are not restored with 16 pc starting June 1, as the percentage was already negotiated with the IMF. A possible reason is that the IMF does not trust the Ponta Government, he added.“The president of Romania, the Boc Government and the Ungureanu Government and the two premiers talked, for the last three months, about restoring salaries since June 1st. The percentage of 16 pc has been mentioned. I can tell you that this restoration of salaries was already negotiated with the IMF. So we cannot understand why (…) salaries are restored by only 8 pc, instead of 16 pc,” Ioan Oltean said Friday, in a press conference. Oltean added that he reprimanded the Democrat-Liberal mayors that did not spend fast enough the money given to them by the Ungureanu Government, although they did nothing wrong, because there was no deadline for spending it.

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