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October 28, 2021

Political scandal at Culture Ministry

The minister accused the manager of the Palace Hall of campaigning on institution’s money. Iliescu hits back saying Diaconu politically blackmails him.

A politic scandal burst out at the Ministry of Culture between the new minister, Liberal  Mircea Diaconu, and Democrat-Liberal Catalin Iliescu, manager of the  Palace Hall. Iliescu  maintains that Diaconu “ordered” him to resign, although it got his position by contest, and not by political appointment. The culture minister said he started an investigation at the Palace Hall as he suspects Iliescu is using institution money for his political campaign, given his running for mayor of Bucharest’s district 2. “Palace Hall is a  public culture institution.  He is campaigning on the institution’s money. He printed, at the  expense of the institution –  a public culture institution – booklets that he is spreading all over the place,”  Mediafax quoted Diaconu as saying. He made the point that a portion of the booklet promotes Palace Hall activities, and another, Catalin Lucian Iliescu as candidate for mayor of District 2 on the ticket of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL). Diaconu said he already started a verification at Palace Hall, and, if the information he has proves true, “ Iliescu is out and he will also be lodged criminal complaints for embezzlement of public funds.” Diaconu branded Iliescu’s “political blackmail” as “classical cheekiness “.In a communiqué, the Palace Hall manager replied as follows: “The incomparable Mircea Diaconu, a member of the PNL, appointed culture minister in the already-compromised Ponta Government, summoned me to tender my resignation from the position of manager of the Grand Hall of the Palace Hall, and that although I got this post by contest, and not political appointment. Unless so, he threatened me with demotion. He, the criminally investigated “. “(…) Mircea Diaconu is the perfect clone of his party boss,  Crin Antonescu. His only concern as minister is to put into practice the famous-by-now statement that goes as follows: when we will come to power, we will even dismiss the janitors,” Iliescu said, who conveyed to the culture minister he will not step down, as he has been running the institution since  2010, when he took over a Palace Hall underestimated as a political institution and with a precarious financial situation too. “During my term, I have managed to make Palace Hall into a profitable institution, I made investments, I introduced the Palace Hall in the international circuit, all of which could be publicly attested by all the quality events frequently hosted by the institution, events known not just by the great majority of Bucharesters but people in the country as well,” Iliescu also said.

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