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October 5, 2022

Nutu Camataru turns himself in to Police

Premier Victor Ponta urged the minister of Interior, Ioan Rus to make a report about the number and situation of criminals wanted by authorities, warning that he considers replacements at the top of Police.

Underground boss Ion Balint, aka Nutu Camataru (photo), who was sentenced to six years in prison for violent crimes and human trafficking, turned himself in to Police yesterday, some 48 hours after authorities issued a national search warrant against him. He claims that he did not leave the country, as rumoured, because this would have been unnecessary, as he already did his time behind bars. “Why is the minister so secretive (an allusion to minister Rus having refused – Sunday on TV – to disclose information about Nutu’s whereabouts, “so he cannot flee away”)? I’ve paid for my crimes. I did not run away,” Nutu Camataru said, quoted by rtv.net. Speaking about the verdict of the Supreme Court, which sent him behind bars for six years, Ion Balint said this was a mistake. “If the lawyer tells you that you no longer have to spend one day in prison, what will you do? A mistake has been made. Justice has spoken. (…) I am here because of the wife of (TV journalist Mihai) Tatulici, who was at my home, in my yard,” Nutu Camataru said. According to DIICOT prosecutors, quoted by adevarul.ro, Mihaela Tatulici was the mediator with the Camataru brothers in the recovery of a USD 400,000 debt which dates back since 2003.He rejected the version of Romanian authorities about his brother, Sile Camataru being apprehended in Germany by the local police, during a search on the Passau–Frankurt motorway. Like the other members of his family, Nutu claims that his brother went to Germany for medical treatment and did not run away to escape prison in Romania. He turned himself in to German authorities, he added. The Balint family supports the version, by saying that the mother and wife of Sile Camataru left for Germany Sunday evening, because the interloper had serious problems while in the custody of German police. Adrian Dumitrescu, chief of the Search Warrants Department of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR) said on Romania TV that Sile Camataru will be undergo a medical examination in Germany and, “depending on recommendations, they will decided whether to transfer him to hospital.”After police did not find them at home last Friday, authorities issued a national search warrant against the brothers Ion and Vasile Balint, who were recently sentenced to prison terms. Several members of their family, along with friends and acolytes (26 defendants in total), were charged in court with violent crimes, usury, pimping and human trafficking. In the previous phase of the trial, the Bucharest Court of Appeals decided in April 2011 to reduce the sentences of most defendants in this case. It also reduced the sentence of Ion Balint from 13 to just 6 years of detention, while his brother Vasile saw his sentenced shortened from 15 to 13 years.Ponta orders Rus to draw a report

After Sile Camataru left the country, PM Victor Ponta yesterday demanded the minister of Interior, Ion Rus to present, in the next meeting of the Cabinet, a report about the number and situation of all the subjects of search warrants issued by Romanian authorities. Ponta also warned that he considers making changes at the top of Police structures if irregularities are found. He avoided mentioning what problems he has noticed in the system and who is responsible for them, and only said that authorities should do everything they can to apprehend them, rather than just draw an inventory of these cases. “Just having the names on a list in a computer, while nobody looks for the criminals, is unacceptable,” the PM stated. He warned that he is ready to go as far as sack the chiefs of Police, if they are found responsible for the situation. “I worked in this kind of activities 12 years ago and I cannot say that now I know every detail,” said Ponta, who was a prosecutor himself in the past.Minister Ioan Rus said that Nutu Camataru turning himself in proves the efficiency of Romanian Police and is a sign that things are returning to normal. “These are two citizens that broke the law and received their punishment, which they must serve. I see nothing spectacular here,” Rus said. He added that his ministry is drawing the report demanded by the premier. Answering a question about possible changes at the top of Police, Rus answered: “We will see what this report contains, and the decisions will be rational, nothing emotional.” Replacing people is not his priority, Rus added.

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