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October 24, 2021

Political disputes over municipalities’ money continue

Premier Victor Ponta said on Monday he meant to give a very clear warning to the mayors whose money he had just taken back under an emergency ordinance passed, saying that they should not take the advice of their PDL superiors because they would eventually also incur judicial costs. ‘I have followed the PDL electoral statements. It is their right – I mean Mr. Blaga or Mr. Oltean – to try to look courageous and support their colleagues. But I have a very clear warning for those mayors from whom we have taken the money back under an emergency ordinance. They should not take Blaga or Oltean’s advice. They know very well that an emergency ordinance is a law and they will not win any court case against the Government’, Ponta said. PDL President Emil Boc yesterday answered that ‘the mayors would win in court’ if they sued the Government over the emergency ordinance taking their money back and PDL would help them with a court claim framework template. He said ‘the Government counts on bullying’ them which, in his opinion, is the only argument the Ponta Cabinet now has after the money was allocated to all municipalities based on a government decision and after those local authorities operated budget rectifications by decision of the local council.

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