Dinamo vs. Steaua, long-awaited derby

Fans overwhelmed the ticket booths in order to make sure they would get a ticket for the Steaua vs. Dinamo derby scheduled on Thursday at 9.45 PM. For the first time in the history of this great derby, all tickets put up for sale were sold out two days before the game. 50,000 fans are expected at the National Arena. Dinamo’s fans bought 2,600 tickets. Although there were rumors that Dinamo will not put up much of a fight, Bogdan Mara does not believe such a hypothesis, being confident that victory in this derby would rescue the whole season. “One waits an entire season for a Steaua vs. Dinamo game, it’s a game that gives birth to haughtiness at any moment. Lately we’ve had our share of insane season finales. There is more talk outside the pitch than on it. I think the game being fixed is out of the question, it’s a game that can rescue a season, one that gives the chance of finishing the season with the head held high. I don’t believe Dinamo’s players will stand down in front of Steaua in this game,” Bogdan Mara stated for Cristi Borcea announced that he will come from Miami in order to watch the derby from the official stands. Dinamo’s shareholder argued that by doing so he wants to make sure the game is not fixed. Cristi Borcea dismissed any possibility that the game might be fixed and actually announced that he will give a prize to his team’s best player provided Dinamo wins. “After the game I’ll offer a prize to the best player. Only if we win! I’ll offer an Audemars Piquet watch,” Cristian Borcea stated for ‘Libertatea.’ The price of such a watch starts off at EUR 20,000.  Many people, including Dinamo fans, expect Dinamo to give the game away in order not to ruin Steaua’s chances in the race for the title. “Steaua will beat us because of the godfather-godson relation between Gigi Becali and Cristi Borcea,” Dinamo’s fans wrote on various websites.

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