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June 25, 2022

Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes dead at 83

Fuentes was one of the most prolific Latin American writers known equally for his fiction and his essays on politics and culture, bbc.co.uk informs. He died in a hospital in Mexico City. Hospital sources did not comment on his cause of death. According to the Guardian, he reportedly suffered a sudden internal hemorrhage.His most famous works were ‘The Death of Artemio Cruz’ and ‘The Old Gringo’. ‘The Death of Artemio Cruz’ that dissected the disappointments associated with Mexico after the 1910 revolution and the failure of its promises to bring social justice. It was published in 1962. His novel The Old Gringo, about an American journalist who disappeared during the Mexican Revolution, was turned into a film starring Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda. Fuentes’ other best known novels include ‘Terra Nostra’, ‘The Good Conscience’ and ‘Aura’. Fuentes also wrote a wealth of novels, plays and essays and regularly commented on political events in Spanish newspaper El Pais. Born in Panama in 1928, he did not move to Mexico until he was 16. The son of a diplomat, Fuentes spent much of his childhood moving around the Western Hemisphere. He was also outspoken in his political views, and was a vocal critic of US administrations, including Washington’s policies on immigration and the war on terror.  Fuentes was also highly critical of Mexican politics, and in a recent interview with the BBC World Service, he called for a different approach to the war on drugs. He received the Cervantes Prize and the Prince of Asturias Prize, the biggest awards in the Spanish-speaking world, in 1987 and 1994 and was often mentioned as a possible winner of the Nobel Prize that was awarded to his regional contemporaries Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa.  Carlos Fuentes continued to write until the end, with an essay on the recent change of power in France published in Mexican newspaper Reforma on Tuesday, the same day the Angeles del Pedregal hospital announced his death.

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