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May 6, 2021

Student aged 14 dies after classroom brawl at Filiasi school

A 14-year-old school student at a junior high school in Filiasi died in hospital, Tuesday evening, after a classroom fight with a classmate. Mediafax quoted investigators as saying that the incident happened Tuesday afternoon, after the Religion class, when  two classmates got into a fight that started out with the two protagonists pushing each other and ended up with one of them hitting his head against a classroom locker. The victim was rushed to a local hospital, yet he died eventually. The post-mortem showed he died from cardiac-respiratory arrest caused by a blow in his thoracic-abdominal region. The legist doctor who conducted the necropsy said that the victim was likely to have taken two punches in his abdomen. Legists also say the boy presented cuts on his limbs and head, which nonetheless were not related to the fight. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Dolj Tribunal has opened a criminal case for death-causing blows. The guilty student will be submitted to a psychiatric expert examination aimed at establishing whether he was legally sane. Officials from the  Dolj County School Inspectorate say they are yet to ascertain whether the teaching staff, too, could be blamed for the incident, as they wait for the conclusion of the criminal investigation.  The child’s parents said they learned from TV that their son was pushed by the other boy, as, at the hospital they had been told the boy collapsed, fell to the ground and banged his head against a locker. “It’s incredible what could happen in school. I don’t know if I can blame the other boy, both of them are kids. I don’t know whether they were playing or fighting. So far, I haven’t got in touch with that child’s parents,” the dead boy’s father said.The 14-year-old boy who pushed his classmate to his death is only raised by his father, given his mother works abroad.  The boy’s father, Gugu Luta, said his son was in shock at the news that his classmate is dead, and said it all started as a game.

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