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October 23, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of visitors take advantage of Night of Museums

100,000 visitors in Bucharest, Antipa Museum – the night’s star.

Bucharesters took full advantage of the Long Night Of Museum, with tens of thousands of visitors flocking exhibitions at the “Grigore Antipa” Museum of Natural History, or the Museums of Art and History, as well as others where admission is free throughout the year, including the Museum of Aviation and the Bellu Cemetery. Despite the rainy weather, museums proved being so much of an attraction Saturday night into early hours of Sunday that the city streets were teeming with people trying to see as many museums as possible of the 27 in the capital that opened their gates to welcome the visiting public free of charge for one night. Early figures show that there were 100,000 visitors only in Bucharest.Predictably, Antipa was the star of the night, as people stood in a line over 100 meters long to see the items on display, while access to the National Museum of  Romanian History (MNIR), National Peasant Museum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) was in lower demand. At Antipa Museum, a head of Deinotherium, a reproduction of a skeleton inside the museum, was for the fist time placed on a pedestal right at the entry to the institution. The museum program kicked off on Friday, 21.30 hours, when children moved into the museum for one night, with the little ones telling stories, playing and then going to bed.  According to early figures quoted by Mediafax, Antipa had been visited by 21,600 visitors. Across the street from Antipa, at the National Geology Museum, visitors admired the items on display in the “Mine Flowers ” Hall, two of Adrian Ilfoveanu’s sculptures and the temporary exhibition “Dobrogea between the land and the sea, an impression of time and man “, under the aegis of the French Embassy to Romania, a display that could also be admired at the Romanian Peasant Museum. At the “George Enescu” Museum in Bucharest, the Night of Museums included musical concerts of foreign and traditional Romanian music performed by orchestras, choirs and chamber music ensembles. At the National Museum of Art, the students at the Arts University in Bucharest produced their own interpretation of the event, children were invited to follow the routes “Target the detail”, and visitors attended a Luiza Zan concert, as well as mini-recitals of classical music. The National Museum of Romania’s History (MNIR) welcomed the high flow of with items from the History Treasure and Lapidarium, as well as  numerous musical and theater recitals and exhibits including “The Gifts of the Ceausescu family “, especially organized for this special night, where visitors admired ivory statues, many paintings with the face of the former dictator, keys offered  to heads of state, daggers, figurines, and an original items that left visitors smiling  – The Diploma of Honorable Citizen of the  “World of Walt Disney” (Florida), awarded to Nicolae Ceausescu on April 21, 1973. The Bellu Cemetery was another attraction, the event focusing on playwright I.L. Caragiale and architect Ion Mincu, at whose grave a crucifix was hallowed, at the 100 year anniversary of their death. For the first time, the Night of Museums also included the National Library and and Foisorul de Foc, along with the Minovici Museum of Old Western Art and Scoala Centrala.

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