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May 26, 2020

Parliament asked to decide who will represent Romania at the European Council

PDL claims that Ponta and USL are provoking the chief of state, seeking pretexts to suspend him.

Ponta explained that the agenda of the European Council includes topics that pertain to the activity of the Executive, so he believes that Romania should be represented by its prime minister. According to the premier, the Constitution does not stipulate the absolute right of either the president or the prime minister to attend the European Council.“I wish this political debate to end rapidly, because it does Romania no good, so I will ask the Permanent Bureaus of the two Houses of the Parliament to call, as soon as possible, a joint session of the Parliament in which I will present the situation of the European topics Romania will have to discuss in the European Council of June 28,” Ponta said, quoted by Mediafax. Ponta, assured he will observe the decision of the Parliament, no matter what it will decide. Later on yesterday, Ponta said he would send the Parliament the request tomorrow, after the Government session. The minister for the relation with the Parliament, Mircea Dusa said that the Parliament would most probably to meet in joint session next Tuesday to decide who will represent Romania in the European Council. The speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase had earlier said that no such request had been made so far.Before the USL meeting, Victor Ponta said that President Traian Basescu will attend the informal dinner on Wednesday evening only to eat and have fun, because he has no attributions pertaining to economic policies. “Wednesday evening there will be an informal dinner on topics related to the activity of the government. If he attends, President Basescu will eat and joke with the other participants, because when it comes to economic policies, he neither has attributions, nor enjoys the support of the Parliament majority and of the Government,” Ponta explained. “We will decide at home what is to be done. We must not cause embarrassment in Brussels, with more of us going there and speaking on many voices. (…) Neither Basescu, nor Ponta must go on his own, to represent himself; whoever goes there, represents the mandate of Romania,” the prime minister added.The premier once again criticised the president of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean, who said last week that the president must represent the country in the European Council, as he did in the past. “The statement made by Mr. Zegrean is untrue and unsupported by the text of the Constitution. It is inadmissible for the president of the Constitutional Court to voice his opinion in advance, and to misinform people,” Ponta added.As for the president, he refused to refer to the issue, while in Chicago. Asked by journalists about the controversy, Traian Basescu said: “This topic does not belong here.”

Blaga: PM harasses the president

The speaker of the Senate, Democrat-Liberal politician Vasile Blaga yesterday accused Ponta of “harassing president Traian Basescu each day.” “Mr. Ponta entered this row simply because of political interests. Each day he harasses the president, and this is easy to understand: he speaks on TV every day. (…) Mr. Antonescu barely has time to appear, (…) so he hopes to find reasons to please Mr. Antonescu,” Blaga said. The opinion is shared by former presidential counselor Sebastian Lazaroiu, who said on RFI that USL seeks pretexts to suspend President Basescu, as Premier Victor Ponta permanently provokes the head of state.

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