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July 2, 2022

PDL-proposed Constitution revision, sent back to Commission

The Lower Chamber’s plenum decided yesterday, at PSD’s proposal, to send back to the Juridical Commission the project on revising the Constitution, while PDL pointed out that the move is “dust thrown in somebody’s eyes.” Valeriu Zgonea, leader of the group of PSD MPs, asked for the Constitutional revision draft to be sent back to the Juridical Commission, arguing that “modifying the Constitution was an issue discussed covertly within the Juridical Commission,” with only 3 or 4 MPs taking part in those discussions. Eugen Nicolaescu, deputy leader of the group of PNL MPs, stated that the Constitution should be revised by a legitimate Parliament and only the future Parliament can seriously tackle this issue. In reply, PDL MP Daniel Buda, the Chairman of the Juridical Commission, stated that he worked on this project “with all those that wanted to participate,” pointing out that the commission’s debates were scheduled during daytime. The MPs decided – with 115 votes “for,” 29 “against” and 6 abstentions – that the Constitution revision draft should be returned to the Juridical Commission for 3 weeks’ time.

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