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August 14, 2022

Baby of murderous Medicine student dies at birth

Carmen Bejan, a former Medicine student sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in the killing and dismembering of a man, gave birth to a baby girl at the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital, yet, the newly born died due to some malformations, Mediafax quoted medical sources as saying. According to Realitatea TV, the baby girl was born without arms and with brain malformations. The Director of the Rahova Penitentiary, Mircea Miorel, said that Carmen Bejan had undergone seven ecographies during her pregnancy, with the last, when eight month pregnant, raising suspicions about the fetus’s condition. The National Administration of Penitentiaries later on stated that Bejan had benefited from full medical care during her detention. Carmen Bejan conceived the baby with an inmate detained for drug dealing, whom she also married. In April, the court definitively rejected her request to get birth out of prison and take care of the infant for one year.

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