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June 21, 2021

PPMT President: Draft that forces public sector employees to know Romanian language is aberrant

Toro T. Tibor, President of the Hungarian People’s Party from Transylvania (PPMT), stated yesterday that the draft law that the Senate adopted on Monday, a draft that “forces public sector employees to know the Romanian language” is “aberrant” and “tends to be extremist.” “Had this happened several years ago I don’t think it would have had a chance to go through Parliament. (…) I’m a bit afraid that in the atmosphere currently seen among the Parliamentary majority such aberrations – putting civil servants through a language exam – can go through,” Toro stated, being quoted by Mediafax. He expressed his hope that the draft law will not be adopted by the Lower Chamber which has the final say in this case. The PPMT President also claimed that “the new Parliamentary majority” and the new government are adopting a series of “anti-Hungarian measures” (the electoral law, replacing representatives within decentralized institutions – editor’s note) and that because of this “local conflicts and tensions” will probably appear. “We believe that the moment has come for democratic Hungarian forces, even for the whole civil society, to come together because otherwise, if we are divided, we cannot impose our point of view,” Toro T. Tibor added. In his turn, Kulcsar Terza Jozsef, President of the Civic Magyar Party’s (PCM) Covasna County branch, claims that Hungarians will be discriminated if their knowledge of the Romanian language is tested separately when seeking to obtain a job in a public institution, as shown in the draft law that the Senate adopted earlier this week. “From what I know, public institution employees have at least a baccalaureate diploma that certifies that they know the Romanian language, namely that they passed the Romanian language exam at the Baccalaureate,” Kulcsar Terza stated. In exchange, the leader of PCM Covasna asked for the employees of public institutions located in Szekler regions to know the Hungarian language.

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