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March 2, 2021

Agriculture, one of the main cooperation sectors between Romania and Argentina

By H.E. Mr. Claudio Perez PALADINO, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina in Bucharest
On May 25th, Argentina celebrates its National Day, just 202 years after the “May Revolution”, when a group of patriots paved the way to the country s independence.As you all know, Argentina is placed at the southern tip of the Americas.  It covers most of 2.800000 square kilometers, if we consider the continental area and more than 3,700,000 including its maritime areas. Its current population, about 40 million, is often referred as a “melting pot” of different groups. In fact, it has been the result of many immigration waves –mainly Italians, Spanish and other Europeans- meeting the aboriginal inhabitants, from the XVI century until today. Our National Constitution states that Argentina is open to receive all people with good will who want to populate our country. This tradition is also evident in the “Patria Grande” program, which has allowed entry to anyone in South America with the right to work, study and, if desired, to settle in our territory.In this way, we have developed Argentina’s identity as a land of opportunities for everybody, with no discrimination whatsoever in terms of race, colour or religion.    As regards foreign policy, Argentina advocates full respect for international law. It supports multilateralism as the most effective instrument to promote peace and security and to win the fight against poverty and exclusion, disease, the crime of drug trafficking and environmental degradation. As well, the promotion and defense of human rights has become a State policy that strengthens our national identity and our leadership in the international community.Argentina and Romania enjoy excellent relations, based on several positive factors as wells as the lack of conflicts between us. In this respect, let us underline that both countries are members of the community of Latin countries, so similar in several fields. Furthermore, cooperation links in the economic and commercial areas constitute a domain of wide potential, particularly in agriculture, grape, wine-growing, oil-related sectors, as well as in other several fields of science and technology.Several events during 2012 testifies to the excellent bilateral relationship, namely:-the presence of wines of Argentina in the Fair “Good Wine” of Bucarest.-the Romanian tour of the Argentine musical group Narcotango. -the edition in Romanian language -with financing of the Programa Sur of Argentina- of the most important work of Dr. Horacio Etchegoyen from our country in the field of psichoanalysis. -the participation of Argentine movies in Romanian film festivals.-over 40 projects of cooperation in science and technology drafted by academics and researchers from Argentina and Romania.Argentina is proud of the prestige achieved by tango in Rumania. Our national dance, its music, its charm, have attracted many Romanians and inspired them to know and visit Buenos Aires, the world tango capital.  Let me also mention sports and tourism as powerful means to develop friendship among peoples, which certainly deserve to be further promoted.  Last but not least, it deserves to be mentioned the presence of the community of Argentinian citizens who, as residents in Rumania, are the strongest living links connecting both societies.  Argentina’s anniversary becomes an excellent opportunity to imagine the future of an even deeper network of relations with Romania and a closer integration in all fields of activity. Let us keep on working for this.

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