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January 22, 2021

Romanian George Dorobantu opens Cannes award-winning list

Among the goings ons at Cannes – charity events, trophy launches and honorary prize awards – are also the contests aimed at launching new projects on the lookout for financing. They precede the lists of awards to be handed at events to be held tomorrow, Saturday that is, when Critics Jury (FIPRESCI) and the Ecunemical Jury invite us to their award-winning ceremonies. We shouldn’t forget that, in 2007, FIPRESCI ranked Cristian Mungiu’s „432” at the top of the list, an achievement he might repeat this year, given the plot nature of „Beyond the Hills”.Until the entire Nanni Moretti-led 2012 jury award list is out, we nonetheless have had a first pleasant surprise consisting in a development program of projects originating from Central and Eastern Europe – „ScriptEast” – in its 6th year started by the „Independent Film Foundation”, in cooperation with the Polish Cultural Institute, with support from several international institutions, among which Media Program of the UE – which yesterday made its award list public. The jury chose two of the 12 projects that made it into the final (from Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania). George Dorobantu’s „01”, won a honorable „Ex-aequo”, with the trophy going to „Apartments” by Martins Slisans (Latvia).

Accolades for Dorobantu

George Dorobantu made his first film – “Elevator” (2008) – on a shoestring budget of 300 de euro, which nonetheless was crowned by a string of national and international prizes. It was followed by „Bucharestless”, a ciné-verité dedicated to Romania’s capital and „Omega Rose”, a post-apocalyptic  road-movie in post-production stage. The winning project, „01”, tells the story of a young „hacker” who invents an odd prototype, falls in love with a girl, which in turn leads to several situations climaxing in a  dramatic conclusion.  The universal openness as well as the modernity of the topic are sure to secure him a well deserved financing. We hope this gladdening „introduction”, at Cannes 2012 will bring us more satisfactions along the way. All the prizes in the various sections of the festival will be announced on Saturday and Sunday evening.We hope to see Mungiu’s „Beyond the Hills” ranking highest on Nanni Moretti’s list, given the critics’ options here put it in dominant position, along with Michael Haneke’s „Amour”.At the press view yesterday, as well as at the 7:30 pm gala showing, a strong candidate emerged for the best actress award – the charming Nicole Kidman, headliner of „Paperboy” by Lee Daniels. The film star, along with the film crew, attended a press conference that started at 11.00 hours (12.00 hours Romania’s time).

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