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December 1, 2022

Sorin Ovidiu Vintu prosecuted for embezzlement and money laundering

Supreme Court prosecutors have commenced investigations against Sorin Ovidiu Vintu in FNI case, charging him with money laundering and embezzlement.

Investigations conducted so far established that Vintu Sorin Ovidiu had laundered over RON 700,000 – proceeds of embezzlement – and over RON 9.6 M – proceeds from the FNI fraud, in other words more than USD 5.4 M when the fund collapsed, according to Mediafax. In the case opened following the ordinance of August 3, 2011 of the Prosecutor General of the Prosecutor’s Office with the  High Court of Cassation and Justice infirming previous discharge decisions in the FNI, Banca Agricola, Banca de Investitii si Dezvoltare and Banca Romana de Scont, High Court prosecutors have commenced criminal investigations against Vintu Sorin Ovidiu, charged with the offences of instigation to embezzlement and money laundering. ‘The defendant Vintu Sorin Ovidiu instigated Nicolae Popa to commit embezzlement against the Fondul National de Investitii, for which he has already been convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison by final court decision. At the same time, Vintu Sorin Ovidiu helped Nicolae Popa commit the crime of embezzlement by promising that he would not be held criminally liable or serve the sentence, as well as hide the proceeds’, the prosecutors say. After the mentioned offences had been committed, Vintu also allegedly acquired and owned, directly or though natural or legal persons under his control, sums of money and other goods that were proceeds of the FNI embezzlement by Popa Nicolae.Prosecutors also claim Vintu has done several transactions, repeatedly moving goods and properties obtained from crime between people he was controlling, seeking to hide or guise their true nature. The evidence administered so far suggests Nicolae Popa had operated under Vintu’s guidance, the latter being the mastermind behind the whole operation as well as the principal beneficiary of the amounts obtained from the Fondul National de Investitii fraud. After redeeming several FNI fund units via Popa Nicolae or companies in which he was manager or majority shareholder in 1999 – 2000, Vintu allegedly spent the money on properties. ‘Since 2003, Vintu Sorin Ovidiu has owned the proceeds of the embezzlement and fraud of Fondul National de Investitii and introduced them into a complex economic ad financial mechanism, successively transferring numerous properties in between owners he would control. Investigations continue, trying to clarify all circumstances and establish legal liabilities’, the quoted source notes.

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