Victor Ponta sacks ISC head Constantin Grajdan

The decision came after Grajdan had dropped his institution’s civil claims in Adrian Nastase corruption case.

Constantin Adrian Grajdan career at the top of the State Inspectorate for Constructions (ISC) ended in less than a week of his appointment to office. Grajdan was dismissed by PM Victor Ponta yesterday because he had withdrawn the institution from the ‘Quality Trophy’ court case against ex-PM Adrian Nastase (PSD).’The decision was made because of the conduct of the ISC head, who decided without informing the prime-minister, although the institution he was leading is subordinated to the prime-minister’, reads a Government release quoted by Mediafax.On Tuesday, ISC submitted a document signed by Constantin Grajdan to the ‘Quality Trophy’ file, which states that the institution was not going to become a civil party in the case pending before the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) in its appeal phase. ISC cites the accounting expert’s report the conclusion of which was that the budget of the institution had not been registered any damages from the organisation of the ‘Construction Quality Trophy’ event of 2004. ISC asked the Court to take into account the report of the Court of Auditors on the activity of the Inspectorate in 2004. ISC also claims it rendered no services within the organisation of the ‘Construction Quality Trophy’ event and that all agreements mentioned by the anti-Corruption prosecutors had been concluded by entitles that were not legal persons, subordinated to the Inspectorate, meaning that ‘with no delegation of competence in place from the budget paying authority, those agreements are legally null and void’. ISC also notes that the institution’s budgetary structure was not legally allowed to collect revenue from that kind of activities and that the internal records of the specialised departments do not suggest any financial-accounting damages.

According to ‘Jurnalul National’ daily, ISC’s decision to pull out from the ‘Quality Trophy’ case practically throws into derision DNA’s charges against Nastase  and a group of high civil servants and businesspeople on trial, demonstrating that it had all been but ‘a judicial masquerade’. ‘The unimaginable pressure that has been put on ISC workers and on the staff of various financial control institutions in order for them to falsify the truth, to create unreal damages to support the scenario clocked for the political annihilation of President Traian Basescu’s main opponent (Nastase-our note) is now surfacing, backed by evidence’, says ‘Jurnalul National’. A day after ISC had submitted its paper on file to the Supreme Court, the DNA prosecutors raided the headquarters of the Inspectorate and left with several documents. The information was also confirmed by the ISC spokesman, Paul RacovitaOn January 30, 2012, ex-PM Adrian Nastase was sentenced to two years in prison in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case by the Supreme Court. The change was that he was involved in the fundraising for his 2004 election campaign, when he was PSD’s candidate in the presidential election.

PDL wants Ponta’s ‘head’

PDL demands the resignation of PM Victor Ponta as the authority who appointed Constantin Grajdan as ISC director. ‘Yesterday, (Wednesday – our note), ISC told the court it had no claims in the case where Adrian Nastase was on trial for corruption. With a move like that, the Ponta Government is trying to become a substitute for justice. We are very worried about the manner in which the Ponta Government intervenes into justice affairs’, said PDL campaign chief Vasile Blaga. HotNews quotes judicial sources as saying that Adrian Grajdan was heard by the DNA prosecutors yesterday morning. The same sources said several institution employees, including Secretary General Marian Bucur, had also given depositions as witnesses. The hearings reportedly were in connection with the withdrawal of ISC’s civil claims in  the ‘Quality Trophy’ case.


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