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April 11, 2021

Blaga, Olteanu, Marko and Videanu testify in strategic privatisations case

Vasile Blaga, Bogdan Olteanu, Marko Bela and Adriean Videanu, all former ministers in the Tariceanu Government, testified in the strategic privatisations proceedings against ex-Economy Minister Codrut Seres and ex-Communications Minister  Zsolt Nagy, as well as four other defendants, prosecuted by DIICOT, in the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) yesterday. After the hearings, Blaga said, quated by Mediafax,  he gave details on specific normative acts issued by the Tariceanu Government. Asked if he agreed to the government decisions on the privatisation of certain Romanian companies, the Senate Speaker said he could not give any details, because the information was confidential. On the other hand, he did say that, from his point of view, the press ‘had nothing to worry about concerning both himself and the other witnesses.’ On May 11, the court hearing the strategic privatisations case issued a letter asking the Government Secretariat General (SGG) to either publish the transcripts of the 2005 meeting in question or agree to the four former ministers being heard. Thee days later, the court agreed to hear Vasile Blaga, Bogdan Olteanu, Marko Bela, Adriean Videanu and Ionut Popescu in the strategic privatisations case, noting in the answer to ICCJ, that the hearings should not be public because the government meeting of 2005 about which the ex-ministers were going to speak was also not public. The High Court also summoned ex-PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. On March 30, 2009, ex-Economy Minister Codrut Seres and ex-Communications Minister Zsolt Nagy were referred to court alongside other four people in the strategic privatisations case by the DIICOT prosecutors, on the charge of joining a trans-national organised criminal group.

Dan Nica testifies in ‘Romanian Post’ case

Yesterday, ex-Telecommunications Minister in 2001-2002 Dan Nica (PSD) testified in the ‘Romanian Post’ proceedings before the High Court. The hearing was held in public sitting, after the court declined the request made by ex-Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu (on trial next to five other co-defenders in the case (our note) to have private hearings for the reason that press reports were hurting the defendants’ dignity and were putting pressure on the bench. Nica told the court that, during his term in office as Minister of Telecommunications, he had issued approximately 15,000 certificates attesting to property rights for all the lands owned by the various companies reporting to the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information technology (MCTI). The former dignitary said it was ‘very possible’ that he might have also signed the certificates concerning two plots situated in Calea Victoriei no. 133-135, with respective areas of 12,918 sq m and 8,218 sq m. He also told the judges that, ‘since he was not a jurist’, he could not give an opinion on the legal situation of the two properties in Calea Victoriei or say if they had been transferred from the state’s public to its private property by the certificates issued for them. The court recessed until June 8.

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