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March 5, 2021

Constanta female resident reported missing found dead

The dead body of the wife of a Turkish businessman reported missing in Constanta earlier in the month was found on a field, after one of the men remanded over the case, who also include the victim’s brother, told authorities where the body might be. According to Mediafax, the victim, Lara Saban, was killed May 3 by her brother and his accomplice in order to take EUR 80,000 from her, with the two arrested yesterday. Lara Saban was deadly hit in the head with a sharp object as the two suspects, in spite of not admitting to the murder, planned to get the money with which the victim planned to buy an apartment in Constanta. Lara Saban, who was very rich, was accustomed to traveling from Istanbul to Constanta by private plane, accompanied by her daughter and baby sitter, and went shopping driving a EUR 350,000 car. Lara was in conflict with her mother, as the woman intended to put the apartment she intended to buy in Constanta in her daughter’s name.

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