Crin Antonescu: All those appointed by PDL must be replaced

PNL leader Crin Antonescu said Monday on Romania TV that he is not “obsessed” with suspending Preisdent Traian Basescu, but he shares the opinions of Foreign Minister Andrei Marga, and warned that the suspension might become actual if the president opposes the ruling coalition. In the context, the Liberal leader added that all those who were appointed to public dignities by PDL must be replaced.The minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrei Marga said Monday in an interview with Romania Libera that suspending President Basescu might have “beneficial effects in reviving the energies of the country.” Speaking about this statement, Antonescu mentioned that he fully shares Minister Marga’s opinion, although this is not a priority for him. “We did not go out for a hunt; I rather think that Mr. Basescu is the one hunting us, and he still has many weapons. (…) Traian Basescu might become a central topic if he crosses our path. (…) He cultivates the image of I or PNL being very interested to suspend him, under pressure by Mr. Voiculescu, while we push Ponta forward. This is nonsense,” Crin Antonescu stated. On the other hand, PSD Deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc said yesterday – as a personal opinion – that suspending and dismissing Traian Basescu is top priority and it will became a matter of interest for USL starting February.Referring to the replacement of people appointed by PDL, Antonescu said that “all those appointed by the Democrat-Liberals must be replaced, and soon. Keeping in place the police chiefs nominated by Gheorghe Stefan at neamt, or by  Gheorhe Flutur would be plain stupid. As they came, they must go.”The PNL president also spoke about the situation of public television TVR, saying that “police should go there as well.” “(…) We speak about debts exceeding one hundred millions. The report should be discussed in Parliament at the soonest, I think. I would not have bigger pleasure than keeping Ioana Lupea and Mircea Marian, because there is no bigger fun for me than listening to them. They are precious. Just listen to how they tell us about Ponta the communist, and how Iliescu leads the country from the cave. One Thousand and One Nights!” Antonescu concluded.

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