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June 22, 2021

Blejnar former cabinet chief’s disappearance, still a mystery

Judiciary authorities cannot find the former cabinet chief of Sorin Blejnar, Codrut Marta, who was reported as missing by his wife. Investigators issued a search warrant and are checking all possible leads. They questioned dozens of people related to the case, including Marta’s brother and ex-wife, former ANAF chief Sorin Blejnar and businessman Elan Schwartzenberg. Nobody could provide any hint about the whereabouts of Codrut Marta.The disappearance sparked much speculation. The most favored hypothesis is that Marta disappeared before the completion of a DNA probe in which he and Blejnar were suspect of instigation to tax evasion, which led to the arrest of Bihor-based businessman Attila Racz. In other words, Marta fled to escape the DNA investigation. The ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ newspaper quoted judiciary sources as saying that Marta left Romania through the Giurgiu border point, same as Mihail Boldea. On the other hand, ANAF sources quoted by ‘Romania libera’ claim that Marta neither was involved in any case of illegal VAT return, as speculated by media, nor did he have any relation with money laundering operations.Another rumour speaks about Marta disappearing because he did not want to return part of the money he obtained from consulting and advertising activities, which left the country via money laundering networks. Another hypothesis is that Blejnar’s former cabinet chief was abducted and carried abroad on May 21, when he was last seen.A grimmer theory has Marta killed and buried after a spontaneous conflict with unknown persons. However, judiciary sources close to the investigation, quoted by ‘Adevarul’, say the most plausible variant is that Marta fled the country, because he is probed by the DNA. Last, but not least, investigators also consider the possibility of an affair with another woman, as Marta already did in the past, when he disappeared from home for several days. Unconfirmed rumours have it that, the day before he disappeared, Marta instructed his ex-wife to pack her things and leave for Monaco. Although they divorced, it was apparently only a move meant to protect the family belongings from impoundment. Another mystery refers to the date when Marta’s ex-wife reported the disappearance – May 25 – although she admitted that the man was missing since May 21.Businessman Elan Schwartzenberg, questioned Tuesday in the case, said that he is Marta’s friend for 10 years and “he does not believe one iota of the accusations and gossips against him.” Schwartzenberg said that he was never questioned about “VAT cases or illegal deals.” “Codrut Marta is my friend for almost 10 years and, no matter why he is missing, I assume him as friend. I don’t believe one iota of the accusations and gossips against him because, if these were true, I am convinced he would have already been arrested, or at least investigated by now.I did not go to the DNA and I was never and nowhere asked about VAT cases or onerous deals; I only wrote a witness statement, same as all those who knew Codrut,” Schwartzenberg said.

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