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January 31, 2023

Ungureanu’s NGO divides PDL into two

The Democratic Liberals have very distinct opinions on ex-PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s intention to set up a centre-right political platform around which right wing political parties sharing the same principles should gravitate. MP Cezar Preda yesterday criticised Ungureanu’s initiative, saying it ‘didn’t help PDL at all’, but, on the contrary, represented ‘an interference and confusion of the party’. ‘I am’(…) <too old> in politics not to realise that this decision Mihai Razvan Ungureanu is not helping us in any way now, it doesn’t help PDL or the right in general. We are now in local election, we are focused on explaining what the government did in order to keep the party base in the local authorities,’ RFI quotes Preda as having said. According to him, the construction Ungureanu announced ‘six months before the general election’ would not change the result in any way. ‘Maybe the presidential election in 2014 or in 2016,’ Preda said. He added that he could not understand why the former premier should ‘pedal in parallel with the party’. ‘I don’t see him as the saviour (of PDL – our note) either, I see him as a man who could contribute to the construction of the centre-right, but not from seven different places, coming together every now and then. The centre right can be made by a centre right party like PDL. If he admires the set of principles and if they are dear to him, let him come into the party, what’s the problem?’ he further said.  In fact, the PDL MP also said he was unhappy with his own party, saying that it would just have to regroup quickly in June-July in order to walk into the general election as a homogeneous structure. ‘We can’t decide on what we want. In May 2011, PDL failed the profound change as far as the name of the party, giving a new trend (hint at the logo and different colours the Democrat Liberals used in the local election campaign around the country – our note). We are in a phase where PDL needs to re-find cadence.’ Preda on the other hand says the Democratic Liberals ‘kick their right foot with their left foot’ every day and that, since 2005, PDL had inflated ‘like a donut’, welcoming ‘all those nobodies, incompetent and impotent’ who are now ‘running away like rabbits’.  Ex-FM Teodor Baconschi however thinks Ungureanu’s initiative to set up an NGO is not ‘competition for PDL’, but will help create a force ‘in front of the USL-ist avalanche, the pivot of which will still be PDL.’ Asked if he would follow the former PM into his new NGO, Baconschi gave an evasive answer: ‘We need unity of the right in diversity (…), coagulation and pooling of forces for reforms to go on,’ he said. PDL President Emil Boc on the other hand says the concrete aspects of their cooperation with Ungureanu will be clarified after the local elections, noting he didn’t know what his plans were. Boc however thinks that ‘it is a gain for the Romanian right’. Former Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu stated yesterday in Iasi that he received over 3,000 emails in less than 48 hours after announcing his intention to set up the Centre-Right Civic Initiative, adding that the nation’s salvation can come from the right-wing, not from socialism. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu stated during an electoral meeting organized by PDL in Iasi that Romania needs a strong right-wing, being of the opinion that with all of its gains and defects PDL has the opportunity to recover, Mediafax informs.

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