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May 9, 2021

Hungary’s Parliament Speaker campaigns for PCM

The President of the Sfantu Gheorghe organisation of PCM, Balint Jozsef, who runs for mayor of the city, stated at a press conference yesterday, according to Mediafax, that the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Kover Laszlo, would be in Sfantu Gheorghe on June 7, to participate in an electoral event alongside the party candidates. He also visited the county last Friday, when he sopped in a number of localities together with PCM leaders. A week ago, the President of PCM Covasna, Kulcsar Terza Jozsef, was explaining the presence of the Hungarian politician there by the fact that he is the Honorary President of the Civic Hungarian Party, adding that, also during the 2008 election campaign, the candidates of the party had been endorsed by important political leaders from Hungary, such as the current Prime Minister of Hungary, Orban Viktor. UDMR Vice President Laszlo Borbely in turn said the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Kover Laszlo, ‘made a mistake when engaging in the election campaign’ in Romania, as he could not claim that he has visited Romania in his private capacity.

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