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August 12, 2022

The Economist: “God gives you but he is never stuffing it into your bag”

Most Romanians seem to have forgotten the proverb under the Communist regime which gave citizens a house and a job regardless of their efforts, ‘The Economist’ wrote in an article, according to Mediafax. “They are now finding it difficult to get their funds from the European Union (EU), which involves making an effort. God gives you but he is never stuffing it into your bag,” is an old Romanian saying suggesting that everything one achieves in life should come with an effort”. The publication also notes that the second poorest country in the EU, Romania continues to fail with the absorption of EU funds and has become an obsessive problem for the government in Bucharest. The government has repeatedly said the European funds represent the main priority for the country this year. “Analysts point to corruption, a lack of motivation and information, inadequate administrative capacity and major gaps in understanding how EU institutions work,” The Economist also notes. The European Commission is expected to publish a new report on Romania in the following weeks. The political turmoil Romania has experienced recently and the fact that the country has re-entered recession last month is adding pressure on the government.  The clock is ticking as the country is heading for the 2013 deadline for absorbing the European money.

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