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March 29, 2023

Romanians turned out in larger numbers than in 2008 to elect their Mayors

According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), voter turnout stood at 39.01 percent nationwide at 5 pm, ten hours after the polling stations opened. Voter turnout was higher in rural areas – 46.47 per cent in contrast to 33.55 per cent in urban areas. In Bucharest, voter turnout stood at 28.99 per cent. Here is the level registered in each of its districts: District 1 – 31.65 per cent; District 2 – 29.05 per cent; District 3 – 26.32 per cent; District 4 – 29.27 per cent; District 5 – 29.20 per cent; District 6 – 30.12 per cent.The highest voter turnout was registered in Ilfov County (49.23per cent), followed by Giurgiu (48.07 per cent) and Dambovita (46.52 per cent). The following counties registered the lowest voter turnouts: Timis (32.34 per cent), Galati (35.62 per cent) and Maramures (36.27 per cent)Compared to local elections four years ago (a voter turnout of 34.20 per cent at 5pm) this year’s local elections registered a 4.79 per cent growth in voter turnout. Pro Democratia Association (APD) President Cristian Parvulescu explained this increase through the fact that this year’s local elections “look rather like camouflaged Parliamentary elections.” “The surprisingly high voter turnout is explained through the politicization and personalization of the vote. Voters seem to disregard local problems and moreover this is a vote of protest against the political class. I expect a voter turnout of 40 per cent by the end of the day, which would be extraordinary. I’m not sure whether this voter turnout will be seen in the parliamentary elections too,” Parvulescu stated, being quoted by HotNews.18,133 voting centres were set up for the local elections (6,163 in municipalities, 1,689 in cities and 10,281 in communes).

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